Thomas Street Move Ignites Long Running Business Relationship

In our 1978 post we looked at how Albert cut a hole in the ceiling of his house to fit a flat-bed camera, film processor and planning bench into his attic. It was from here he launched his film making operation to complement Springfield Solutions’ proofing services, and it proved to be an insightful move indeed. 

The operation soon evolved into the company’s brand management division and exciting contracts with ICI and Ronseal quickly followed. It was so successful that in 1984 Springfield Solutions was on the move again, this time to somewhere big enough to accommodate both divisions under the same roof.  

Albert settled on Acorn Industrial estate in Thomas Street, a stone’s throw away from Springfield’s present headquarters, but had to take five units to accommodate his growing business. And it was just in the nick of time because shortly afterwards the company established one of its most enduring commercial relationships.

As Springfield’s reputation for quality brand management grew, it was contacted by Reckitt and Colman, one of the UK’s largest manufacturers. The business was making supermarket own-label firelighters and needed to ensure the branding was of a consistent quality to meet their customers’ requirements.

Enter Albert and Co, who by that time had the knowledge and experience to deliver exactly what was needed for such a big job.

And deliver it they did, so well that it ignited a business relationship that is still in place more than 30 years later. Although no longer making firelighters, the present day incarnation of Reckitt and Coleman, global consumer household, healthcare and hygiene company RB, still relies on Springfield Solutions to manage many of its international brands, ensuring a consistently high quality across global markets and product substrates.

It was the move to Thomas Street that enabled Albert to put the brand management division on the same footing as the proofing division and it was one that opened up a whole new chapter in the history of Springfield Solutions.

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