Working From Home is Here to Stay at Springfield Solutions

A flexible way of working is becoming the norm for many businesses. The Pandemic has led employees across the globe to evolve into to a new way of working. This includes allowing staff to work from home in conjunction with the government restrictions over the past year and a half.

Although there are many things we wish to leave behind after the pandemic, moving forwards, there are a few behaviours that will remain.

At the beginning of 2021, we consulted our members of staff who have been working from home. Following overwhelming feedback, we have agreed to allow our employees who can and wish to continue with this way of working, to continue working from home. This agreement involves an amendment to their terms of employment, which have been made with both the employees and the company in mind.

These changes include flexible working hours and flexible working locations, to enable our staff to work to the best of their ability when it is convenient for them. Staff have the flexibility to work from home full time or combine at-home working and office working. We are currently changing the work environment within the office to reflect these changes.

This change to allow our staff extra flexibility when working fits in with our latest announcement, Project 21, as we expand and invest in our team for an exciting future of innovation. We spoke to some of our team to gather their thoughts on the benefits of this new way of working.

Lauryn Hall, SEO & Copywriting Executive

“Being able to work from home has allowed me to begin a new job during possibly the strangest time we will ever experience! A flexible way of working gives me the comfort to know that I can carry out my job from home, whilst staying in touch with colleagues via Microsoft Teams. However, I am also looking forward to going into the office periodically to be able to collaborate with the team and finally get to meet people properly!”

Kristy Nilsson, Brand Management Team Leader

“Working from home allows myself and my team many benefits. Along with being still able to collaborate using online systems, many of the team have found that they can get more work done at home thanks to having a better routine of starting and finishing at convenient times, not wasting time in traffic and having less distractions.”

Overall, a difficult year and a new way of working has led to continued growth for Springfield Solutions. This is thanks to our team’s ability to adapt to ongoing changes across all departments, and their willingness to continue to adapt.

Our team, and our business as a whole has grown from the challenges, and 2021 has great potential and a lot of exciting moments to look forward to for future growth and investment within our business.

To find out more about our future investments, check out our Project 21 article!

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