World-Leading Climate Expert Visits Springfield HQ

Climate Change Talk

As a part of our ongoing commitment to become Carbon Net Zero and reduce our effect on the environment, our staff recently attended an internal talk from Professor Dan Parsons of the University of Hull on the topic of Climate Change.  

During the talk, held in our office, Dan set out the ‘WHY’ of Carbon Net Zero – why are we striving towards Carbon Net Zero, and why is it so important for us to reduce our carbon emissions and become a Carbon Net Zero business? 

Joint Managing Director, Matt Dass, Enabling Services Manager, Dave Medcalf and Quality Assurance Executive, Rachael Laughton previously spent 3 days with Dan understanding the impact of Climate Change and how that affects our planet, our lives and ultimately how we act.  

Climate Change Talk

The information Dan presented to our team was thought-provoking, frustrating and shocking. It is our hope that through continued training and education on the matter, we can ultimately help everyone in our business understand why the journey we are on is so important and the behaviours we can adapt to reduce our individual and collective impact on the environment and become a Carbon Net Zero business for the future of our planet. 

Check out a short clip from the talk below!

Matt Dass, Joint Managing Director says, “As an organisation, we have been making positive steps over the last 3 years to reduce our carbon footprint. This has included several initiatives; LED lighting, Renewable Energy Purchased, our internal Feeling Green campaign, Solar Panel Installation, more sustainable and Eco-friendly products i.e., Eco Zone.  

As we now start to see more and more actions within our organisation and build this into our policies, mission, and vision, it is incredibly important that our teams understand the reason behind all of this – the WHY.  

This is why I invited Dan Parsons, a world-leading expert in Climate Change, to spend an afternoon with all our teams, educating everyone on the science behind Climate Change and its devastating impact. This will now empower our staff to make positive changes not only in the workplace but also in their everyday lives. 

I am delighted to say that since the talk Dan gave, we now have 9 team members across both Springfield & Eon who have stepped forward to become our Climate Champions.” 

Find out more about our journey to Carbon Net Zero here, and stay up to date with our journey on our blog and social media channels! 

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