World leading food manufacturer uses REVEALABEL®

WORLD leading food manufacturer AAK (UK) Ltd is employing a revolutionary new food label in a drive to give consumers greater access to product information.  

The company is using REVEALABEL® across its International Collection range, which has been designed and developed by digital printer and brand management specialist Springfield Solutions.  

REVEALABEL® features an ingenious piggyback style design that enables companies to provide customers with large amounts of information without affecting the brand graphics of the product. 

The innovative label features a variable-position adhesive join, enabling the mount label to peel away from the base label from either side, from the top or bottom, or from both sides towards the join if required, while remaining securely fastened to the product. 

AAK chose REVEALABEL® because it enabled it to include more information along with the product, including nutritional advice and even recipes for consumers to try. 

The company’s International Collection range comprises of premium oils of the world and vinegars used in cooking, as dressing and for dipping. 

A spokesperson for AAK said: “There is a great deal of information that we have to include on food items by law, and then there is some information that we like to include so our customers know as much about the product as they need to. Therefore, balancing that with the need to clearly display the brand graphics can be difficult. 

“With REVEALABEL®, Springfield Solutions has created a label that is capable of carrying all information we need to give, while ensuring the brand is displayed prominently and clearly without being compromised by a lot of text. We are very pleased with the results for International Collection and are currently looking for other areas in which we can use REVEALABEL®.” 

Dennis Ebeltoft, joint managing director of Springfield Solutions, said REVEALABEL® had initially been designed for use by companies that are required by law to print a lot of health and safety or legal information on their packaging, or information in several languages.  

But he added that as well as this, AAK was finding other, consumer-friendly uses for the label such as publishing recipes.  

He said: “REVEALABEL® was initially developed in response to a number of EU legal changes including the FIR regulations that took effect in December 2014 and the CLP regulatory changes that come in to effect in June 2015, as both require companies to include more information about their products on the labelling. 

“AAK has certainly taken advantage of that, but they are also using REVEALABEL® in ways we hadn’t anticipated such as recipe ideas and other fun, consumer information. It demonstrates how flexible the label is and how its use is limited only by the imagination.” To find out more about REVEALABEL® and order your free samples please visit:-

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