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1+ Million Sanitiser Labels for Biological Preparation

Sanitisers have been in huge demand since the COVID-19 outbreak. Springfield have been working with many companies that are producing emergency sanitiser supplies to key organisations. We are also working with companies that are offering the sanitisers through an e-commerce store, ensuring they do their best to keep their customers safe. The latest company to have benefited from Springfield’s services is Biological Preparations.

Biological Preparations are a UK market leader for products based on microbial, antimicrobial, plant extract and enzyme technology. Biological Preparations were one of the many companies that answered the call from the UK Government for an increased supply of Surface Sanitiser.

The Solution

The first order was raised at the start of April, since then we have delivered 1,066,800 labels. All of this while adhering to our 5-day lead time.

Because we have worked with many companies producing emergency labels, we had already developed a system that allowed Biological Preparations to receive their orders in an extremely quick time. In fact, the service was so well received by Biological Preparations they commented – ‘Excellent service and good quality labels’.

How could we ensure these labels were produced and delivered ahead of schedule? Our print factory is 100% Digital, therefore we are able to react quickly to our customer’s demands. This is because there are no printing plates or long setup times usually associated with conventional printing. The quick reaction is a tremendous benefit for a customer such as Biological Preparations, especially during the COVID-19 crisis.

If you are currently experiencing a surge in demand and would like to speak to us about your packaging requirements, contact us here.

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