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Digital Print drives Growth for Paint client

One of the many advantages of digital is the ability to carry out short print runs. We can print tens of labels rather than thousands associated with traditional, analogue printing, or tens of thousands if that is what’s required.

It’s this feature that enabled us to increase our work with one of the UK’s best known paint manufacturers, taking what was a small account, demonstrating the value digital can bring, and growing it into what is today – one of our most valued.

Prior to working with us, the company used wet glue labels on its paint tins which, once received from the printer, had to be glued on by members of staff. Not only was the process time consuming and inconsistent from a quality perspective, it meant stockpiling large quantities of labels, many of which never got used.

Springfield Solutions revolutionised the process. Our digital printing service meant the company could order labels only when they needed them, in the quantity they required, and we migrated them on to self-adhesives, which improved and unified quality and brought huge efficiencies to their processes.

So when the paint company revealed plans to expand its branded, aerosol spray paints into overseas markets, they once again turned to us.

Naturally, the company decided to dip its toe into European markets before becoming fully immersed, and our ability to carry out small print runs once again proved its worth.

But more than that, we saved the company tens of thousands of pounds in upfront costs by taking them down the digital route. They had a large number of SKUs in the UK and wanted to reproduce all of those in the markets they were entering. Had they stuck with analogue, each SKU would have required printing plates, costly and time consuming to set up, and something digital entirely eliminates.

The company soon saw the benefits and our team of designers, print experts and brand management specialists worked with them for 18 months, looking at new and innovative ways to drive quality and efficiency, and ensure all their assets across the markets they were entering were managed in the most effective way.

It was a triumph for us and our client, and demonstrated our flexible, innovative approach to solving problems. Ultimately, it helped achieve a successful European launch of the company’s range of spray paint in Europe.

And as testament to that initial work we carried out, several years later we still enjoy a fantastic relationship with the company. In fact this week the client commented:- “Look I can’t fault you guys at all!”

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