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Digital Print Provides Flexibility for Evans Vanodine

Evans Vanodine

We work with the esteemed chemical company, Evans Vanodine, to produce an agile packaging solution that allows the company to be flexible with their labels and continuously stay on top of changing regulations in the industry, as well as providing fast solutions for any pain points. 

Who is Evans Vanodine? 

Evans Vanodine is a manufacturer of cleaning and hygiene chemicals for the professional hygiene and livestock protection industries.  

Established in 1919 by William Charles Evans and based in Manchester, the business has grown from one small laboratory to become a world leader in disinfectants and hygiene chemicals, exporting to over 80 countries worldwide. 

Working with Springfield Solutions 

Before switching to Springfield for label printing, Evans Vanodine were using a conventional print house that was still utilising the plate printing process, which meant that there was pressure on amendments and a lack of flexibility.  

The relationship between Springfield and Evans Vanodine began in 2013, when the company sent a us small selection of their labels that required a higher quality print. 

Evans Vanodine then gradually began to transfer their labels over to Springfield as they saw the benefits of digital printing and the flexibility of being able to make quick changes without the hassle of creating new plates. Eventually, the business made the switch to have Springfield as their sole supplier in 2020. 

Through switching to a digital label process with Springfield, Evans Vanodine now has access to a more flexible packaging service.  

Evans Vanodine

Digital print enables the business to make regular and small amends, week in and week out, as required for their labels. As a result of this switch, their artwork process has become leaner and more streamlined through efficiency. 

The switch to Springfield was done with ease due to the great support they offer”, says Antonia Evans, Marketing Manager at Evans Vanodine.  

By switching to a digital printer, Evans Vanodine not only benefits from a more flexible process when it comes to making amends, but they also can receive their label orders fast, thanks to our maximum lead time of 5 days from receiving approved artwork. This allows the company to get their products to market quickly and meet increasing demands for chemical and cleaning products. 

Digital printing also results in reduced costs, especially when compared to the business’ previous methods of printing their labels using plates. Evans Vanodine has 1450 labels that are set up with Springfield and an additional 116 new artworks which are currently going through the artwork process and awaiting completion.  

Therefore, thanks to not needing printing plates, digital print provides significant cost savings as well as removing the need for over-ordering to meet high minimum order quantities. 

Evans Vanodine

Evans Vanodine also utilises our online ordering and management system for their label artwork. This allows the business to place instant orders and make approvals live without waiting for emails to be processed. For the team at Evans Vanodine, it also allows them to see which labels are approved and keep track of artwork status instantly. 

Recently, a few issues arose with the labels when in transit to one of the business’ export countries, where the inkjet batch details were either smudging or rubbing off. 

Springfield was very responsive in this issue and looked to find a solution.” Says Antonia Evans.  

Our team proceeded with trials and testing in terms of temperature increases during the freight, leading to the need for a change of substrate. Following testing, we worked with the business to switch their label substrate effectively for all labels. This testing allowed us to find an alternative quickly, which has worked well for the following shipments resulting in happy customers throughout the supply chain. 

“My team and I are extremely appreciative for the support Springfield provide; designing and producing our labels, which are a key part of the brand representation for Evans Vanodine worldwide.” Antonia Evans, Marketing Manager at Evans Vanodine. 

Are you looking for a more flexible packaging solution? Then, get in touch and discover how digital print can provide agility and efficiency to your brand.  

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