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Fulfilling Urgent Demand with Macphie


Around since the 1920s, Macphie has been making high-quality ingredients for food manufacturers, bakers and chefs across the world. Based in north-east Scotland, they have a solid reputation for quality and reliable products.

However, since the recent COVID-19 crisis, Macphie’s production has seen a large impact due to the mass temporary closure of restaurants across the world. Because of this, Macphie were forced to adapt, and has done so with incredible speed.

The Scottish company has temporarily converted its production facilities to produce hand sanitisers. These hand sanitisers produced by Macphie are providing crucial organisations with vital supplies of hand sanitisers in order to keep frontline staff safe during the pandemic.

Macphie has been working with local companies to produce the contents of the bottle’s, while Springfield were tasked with producing the labels. The challenge with this particular set of labels was – SPEED.

sanitiser labels
Springfield Labels Being Delivered to Macphie.

The crucial organisations that Macphie were supplying needed the labels, and they needed them fast.

The first batch of labels were 25,000 free labels for the NHS, Armed Forces & Homeless Helpers.

sanitiser labels
Macphie Hand Sanitiser.

After the success of this order (which you can read more about here). Macphie requested a further order of 300,000 labels to be applied to hand sanitisers. We can confirm these labels were supplied to the following organisations:

  • NHS workers
  • Scottish Government staff
  • Police Forces

The order was placed in the morning and the labels were delivered the following morning. From Hull to north-east Scotland in less than 24 hours!

The vital supplies were needed so much so that the first minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, heaped praise on the ‘hugely important work done by Stonehaven company Macphie, which is bottling enough hand sanitiser to supply Scotland’s NHS and care sector’. It brings us great pleasure and joy to know our innovative and digital print facilities provide organisations like Macphie the opportunity to get the products they desire quickly and efficiently, with the correct labels.

Nicola Sturgeon

None of this would be possible without our 100% digital print facility. Due to our digital print facility, we are able to rapidly turn around orders due to the lack of printing plates required and significantly reduced setup times compared to conventional printing presses.

If you believe you have a critical product and you are struggling to meet demand, please contact us here.

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