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Pet Food Packaging Mock-Ups for Forthglade

Packaging Prototypes

We work with natural pet food business, Forthglade to produce packaging mock-ups during the new product development process for photography. 

Who is Forthglade?                       

Forthglade is a producer of quality, natural dog food made in the heart of Devon. Their team is made up of dog lovers passionate about nourishing the relationship between you and your dog – beginning with what you feed them. 

Forthglade have been producing dog treats for over 50 years. The company is focussed on the natural and nutritional, making them a leader in the natural pet food market.  

Work With Springfield 

We have worked with Forthglade for approximately 18 months to product packaging mock-ups for their pet treat products. 

Forthglade were in the process of new product development for several new pet treats. To ensure that the business could launch the products into the trade and consumer markets, they needed mock-ups to photograph their packaging. 

Forthglade came to us at Springfield Solutions to produce packaging mock-ups of their treat packaging. This packaging is flexible pouches, which are one of the fastest growing formats in the packaging sector due to their versatility. 


The pouches, created by our Mock>It department, were used for photography to showcase the packaging for Forthglade’s new products.  

Packaging mock-ups are an extremely important part of the new product development process. This process allows brands to test and trial packaging ideas before going to full production when a product is launched. 

By creating short-run prototype versions of their new product packaging, Forthglade reduce the risk of wasting money and materials on packaging that doesn’t fulfil their needs. Therefore, utilising an efficient and agile packaging method that benefits the business. 

Springfield turned around the packs in a short space of time, allowing us to photograph our new packs. The flexibility in delivering the packs has been key!” Eva Huxtable, Marketing Manager at Forthglade.  

To find out more about our Mock>It service and prototype your own packaging, click here! 

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