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SASO® Case Study: FuelTone

SASO®, our Self-Adhesive Shrink-On Label has been making noise in the Aerosol industry since its launch to market, earlier this year. Customers have instantly experienced the wide range of benefits that come from using SASO®. We are delighted to present to you another successful SASO® case study from Car-Care company, FuelTone.

FuelTone is a leader in the formulation and supply of fuel additives and engine treatments. FuelTone products have been independently verified to increase performance and fuel efficiency whilst significantly reducing emissions. Car, commercial and fleet vehicles are catered for within the FuelTone range. Having become well established since 2012 in the workshop sector, FuelTone are now increasing their share of the retail market. UK based manufacture allows flexibility and responsiveness to quickly changing market demands.

Rebranding of the product range and a move into more sustainable packaging formats saw FuelTone source recyclable metal canisters for their “one-shot” products. Traditional litho printing of the cans meant long lead times along with fixed quantity splits across the product range. This would mean missing the planned relaunch date and a lack of flexibility in the long term.

Fueltone SASO® Can

At very short notice Springfield Solutions were able to print and apply their unique SASO® (self-adhesive, shrink on) labels to blank cans. As Springfield’s high-speed printing process is entirely digital there was no requirement for plates to delay or add cost to the project. Springfield Solutions’ unique SASO® labels provide full height decoration giving the effect of a printed can without the long lead time or expensive minimum order quantities. In fact, with a previous supplier Fueltone had lead times of several weeks with significantly larger MOQ’s. With SASO® Fueltone now expect a lead time of a few days.

Charlene O’Connor, CEO of Fueltone expressed the positive impact SASO® has had on Fueltone.

“We pride ourselves on providing best in class products and Springfield’s SASO® labels ensure that the look of our products matches what’s in the cans. The quality is exceptional and Springfield Solutions bring the right level of expertise and an ethos that supports an expanding business such as Fueltone”. 

Fueltone SASO® Can

SASO® is a unique innovation specifically designed for Aerosol cans. There are numerous benefits for users of SASO® cans including:

–       No MOQ’s

–       Efficient press set-up times.

–       Less wastage

–       Less storage capacity.

To find out more about SASO® and how it will work for your business, click here.

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