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Short-Run Digital Carton Solution for Seal Stop

Seal Stop

We worked with Seal Stop to produce short-run, digitally printed cartons for their innovative water-saving product.

Get to Know the Brand – Seal Stop

Jason and Belle, founders of SealStop, spend most of their time around horses and on farmland. The business was born out of an awareness of the environmental impact of wasted water, as well as a drive to problem solve!

SealStop is an ingenious device that acts like a portable ballcock allowing you to set your tap running and walk away without the risk of flooding your yard or overfilling your container.

With SealStop, you can set your hose going and get on with other tasks. There’s no need to stand and watch as your container fills up. Designed and produced in the UK, the SealStop device itself is recyclable and has a low environmental impact.

Working with Springfield Solutions

This simple but effective product required a digital packaging solution that meant the business did not have to hold large amounts of stock, while still receiving a high-quality packaging solution.

The adoption of short run, digitally printed cartons has greatly benefitted Seal Stop’s packaging strategy. By providing flexibility, cost efficiency, and high-quality printing, this digital solution has enabled Seal Stop to better meet market demands, enhance their brand presence, and ultimately drive growth in the competitive agricultural industry. As a result, Seal Stop continues to thrive, leveraging innovative packaging solutions to stay ahead in the market.

Benefits of Digitally Printed Short-Run Cartons

Digitally printed cartons enable the brand a number of benefits, including:

  • Flexibility and Customisation: Digital printing allowed Seal Stop to produce packaging in smaller batches. This reduced the risk of overproduction and minimises waste.
  • Cost Efficiency: By producing cartons in smaller quantities, Seal Stop significantly reduced the need for large storage spaces. As well as minimising the financial risk associated with unused packaging.
  • Elimination of Plate Costs: Unlike traditional printing methods, digital printing does not require printing plates. Lowering the setup costs, and making short runs economically viable.
  • Fast Turnaround: Digital printing offers a much quicker turnaround time, enabling Seal Stop to respond rapidly to market changes and customer demands.
  • High-Quality Printing: Digital printing technology provides high-resolution prints with vibrant colours and sharp details. This improved the overall look of Seal Stop’s packaging, making their products more attractive to customers.
  • Consistency: Digital printing ensured consistent quality across all cartons. Maintaining brand integrity and customer trust.

Finding a packaging supplier who was local to the business was also important for the brand. As the designing, production and packaging of their products are all done within an hour’s radius of their location. This means for an efficient supply chain with a great speed to market.

“I am really happy with my packaging; the quality is brilliant, and the price is very competitive!” said Isabelle Richardson, co-founder of Seal Stop.

From short run, high-quality cartons to digitally printed labels and a wide range of packaging mock-ups, get in touch to discover how our digital packaging assets can assist your brand in making an impact today!

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