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Springfield reveals naked truth about digital printing

The naked truth about buying cartons is, it’s always been difficult to source them in specific and smaller quantities.

This has been an issue that gourmet tea supplier, The Naked Tea Company, has encountered over its 12 years in business.

The company blends luxury teas for the food service and retail sectors that are created to surpass the expectations of dedicated tea drinkers everywhere.

With a range of six speciality teas, buying cartons with different branding and in different quantities has long been a central requirement of the business.

digital print

It was searching for a better solution that brought The Naked Tea Company to us and they were delighted to find we had the answer!

As a pioneer, innovator and specialist in digital print, Springfield Solutions perfected a way of printing labels in any quantity, from one to hundreds of thousands, at the click of a mouse.

Now we’ve extended that service to prototype cartons, offering the same flexibility to companies that require 3D packaging as we do to those ordering labels.

The Naked Tea Company contacted us because they wanted an effective way to print variable numbers of cartons for each of their tea types to prepare for launch.

At Springfield Solutions, we provide a far more efficient service than old-fashioned forms of printing – litho and flexo – which require printing plates, extended press set up times and huge minimum order quantities.

Traditional methods can also lead to wastage as often companies don’t require the minimum order quantity of units imposed upon them, but this isn’t a problem for digital printing.

Via our dedicated packaging prototype service, mock>it, we produced a number of cartons for each of the flavours in the range.

digital print

A spokesperson for the company said they were extremely pleased with the switch to digital print.

“The cartons have come out very well,” they said.

“We’re delighted with the efficiencies switching to digital print has brought to our operations and the level of service Springfield Solutions brought to the entire process.”


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