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Interactive Labels

Printed labels are now a window to a whole world of branded online content delivered straight to consumer’s mobile devices.

Linking your labels to the web or your own app opens up a huge range of possibilities and to facilitate that we create and print QR codes that direct your customers to wherever you want them to go online, be it product information, video content, social media channels or straight to an e-commerce page.

For our own complete solution – check out SmartPicture. A solution that removes the need for printed link codes.

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What are Interactive Labels?

As technology continues to rapidly develop, we recognise that linking printed packaging and other printed materials to your digital assets can be incredibly powerful. We created SmartPicture to remove the need for invasive QR codes which have a disruptive effect on printed assets. SmartPicture enables logos and printed graphics that make up the furniture of the packaging to be scanned.

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