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Household Product Packaging and Labels

We get it, your packaging has to strike the perfect balance between being informative, durable and aesthetically appealing. This is becoming increasingly challenging when shelves are populated with increasing competition and the requirement for customer information on your label is increasing.

We understand your frustration and that is why we continue to provide a market-leading brand management solution to this industry. Starting with our world-leading colour management solution, we will help you select the colour that will be most effective in branding ensuring consistency across all products.

Experience Matters

With over four decades of providing leading artwork and reprographic expertise to the market, your packaging design is in good hands. Alongside this, our market-leading packaging mockups service will provide you with a cost-effective opportunity to test your ideas in real life.

Work with us

Case Study - Air Wick

We worked with Air Wick to revolutionise their household product packaging. After 12 months of research perfecting the graphics on the ergonomically designed, aluminium canister we created a multi-award-winning final product.

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