SmartPicture™ is our own innovative print-to-mobile app that creates a powerful link between printed packaging, labelling, marketing literature, and online.

Unlike QR codes SmartPicture™ doesn’t require link codes to work. Instead we embed the technology into printed logos and graphics, meaning packaging design isn’t compromised by unnecessary furniture.

Our Way

SmartPicture™ gives users a richer online experience by directing them to a range of options, rather than a single, prescribed web page, such as information pages, video content, branded social media channels or e-commerce pages allowing a consumer to immediately order the product.

Based on Digimarc technology, SmartPicture™ has already been used for a variety of purposes from raising awareness of antibacterial resistance across the globe to marketing world-class sporting events.

Available on the iTunes store and Google Play, SmartPicture™ unlocks the potential of your offline brand to give your customers a rich, engaging online experience. To find about more please email or call 01482 484747.

Interactive Labels - Smartpicture