Business Development During The Pandemic


The print & packaging industry has changed dramatically over the last year, and our Business Development team has had to change their way of working and thinking. Embracing this change has enabled the business to grow as the team continues to fulfil their roles by servicing our current customers and building new relationships. 

We spoke to one of our Business Development Managers, Michael Preston, to find out more about how he has been able to adapt and overcome obstacles during the pandemic to push further growth within Springfield Solutions. 

How have you changed your way of working compared to before COVID-19?

“Firstly, we adapted to this new way of working by using digital platforms to host meetings, allowing us to talk to customers without having to travel to them. Another way in which we have adapted is through the creation and use of our digital sales aids. This has allowed us to showcase the type of print or packaging we are discussing with our clients."

Business Development

"We have created 3D Packshots and applied artworks to them with a range of finishes and embellishments, which can be viewed in 3D. We are also utilising Augmented Reality to allow our customers to place and visualise the 3D models in their real-life environment.”

What has been the biggest challenge for Business Development during the pandemic? 

“I think the biggest challenge has been reaching out to and getting hold of the people who make the decisions when it comes to our customers.

Informing purchasing teams of our services and solutions has added an extra level of work onto Business Development as they have all been working remotely, so it can be harder to get a hold of them as opposed to arranging a visit in person.”

What do you miss the most about Business Development pre-pandemic? 

“I miss the social contact. I am a very outgoing person, and I feel that you cannot always get your character across as well using digital channels like Teams or Zoom."