Colour Cards

Digitally printed colour swatches for efficient colour matching.

Our colour cards are digitally printed to ensure the most accurate colour matching for your product. Perfect for the paints and coatings industry, simply send us samples of your product colours, and our team will match and reproduce these to match any shade.

Colour Swatch
Colour Swatch

Colour Swatch

Our digital process of creating a colour card rules out the need for the use of individual inks to create each colour on a card with ink deposition, litho or flexo. By creating your colour cards digitally, no quality is lost, and your customers can accurately choose a colour that they wish – while not being disappointed with the end result!

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We also provide the following digital services.

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Colour Management
Colour management ensures that your branding and design remains consistent, everywhere that it appears.
Packaging artwork and Reprographics
Artworking and reprographics are essential steps when creating your product packaging. Allowing you to take your initial concepts and turn them into a reality.
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