Our Sustainability Goals
At Springfield Solutions, we're on a journey towards becoming a Carbon Neutral business.
Consumers are demanding sustainability across all markets. Therefore, the need for more sustainable methods of packaging is growing.

Our Climate Actions

As well as providing a range of eco-friendly label materials to our customers, we are also continuously assessing each area of our business to ensure that we are reducing our effect on the environment.

Internally, we have a number of initiatives that we are carrying out to reach our sustainability goals. This includes:

  • Purchasing all our electricity from 100% renewable sources
  • Installing 96 solar panels to generate our own electricity
  • Installing energy-efficient LED lighting throughout the building, including timed lights for low-use areas
  • Engaging, informing, and educating all staff on our sustainability goals
  • Purchasing of products with better environmental credentials - i.e., Shopfloor workwear (sweatshirts) that can be returned to the supplier for recycling when no longer needed
  • Moving to Biodegradable shopfloor disposable gloves
  • Recyclable paper packing tape is in use for all boxes dispatched to customers
  • Installing vehicle electric charging points in our car park
  • Sub-metering all major plant equipment
  • Collecting data for all Scope 3 emissions
  • Providing Eco-Friendly label material options to our customers
  • Made over 350 deliveries using electric vehicles
  • Replaced our IT storage servers with more efficient solid state servers, saving over 370kWh per month
  • We currently offer

    We currently offer

    Sustainable Substrate Options

    In operation since July 2021

    In operation since July 2021

    Solar Panels

    As of June 2024 CO2 emissions saved from the 96 solar panels is the equivalent of

    As of June 2024 CO2 emissions saved from the 96 solar panels is the equivalent of

    Trees Planted

    Climate Champions

    Increased staff involvement in our sustainability goals allows us to bring the team together and increase understanding as well as encourage better environmentally friendly habits.

    In each area of the business, we have a dedicated 'Climate Champion'. These individuals have a passion for the environment and are instrumental in our journey to becoming Carbon Neutral.

    Each representing their department, Climate Champions submit ideas for environmental improvements and assist with identified projects including those detailed above as well as:

  • Water Harvesting
  • Batteries to store electricity generated from our solar panels until needed
  • Roof Garden
  • Cycle to work scheme
  • Ground source heat pump
  • Wind Power
  • Electric Vehicle Salary Sacrifice
  • Install of timed auto sensing lighting in further areas
  • Smart Thermostats for Gas Central Heating
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