2 Silver Star Awards for our Brand Management Team

Our brand management team has smelt the sweet smell of success for its work with air freshener manufacturer Air Wick.

We’ve won two coveted accolades at the Starpack Awards for the brand and project management of the company’s Life Scents aerosol can.

The team picked up a Silver Star award in the DIY, Gifts and Gardening category and a Silver Star award in the Inclusive Design category, sponsored by Innocent Drinks, in a gala ceremony on Thursday, September 10th at the National Space Centre in Leicester.

It comes after the company invested 12 months of concentrated R&D into perfecting the graphics on the ergonomically-designed, aluminium canister.

Luke Rounding, global account manager at Springfield Solutions, said the challenge had come because the can had to be printed using a dry offset process, more normally associated with simple designs such as fizzy drinks cans rather than the rich, detailed graphics required by Air Wick Life Scents.

He said: “The Life Scents can really had to reflect the quality of the product and normally, to achieve such results, you would use a flexographic or gravure process.

“But we like a challenge, it took 12 months of R&D into new print simulation techniques to predict the printing process and achieve the quality Air Wick wanted with a dry offset process. But by exploring solutions for art-work execution challenges we managed to squeeze as much potential out of the process as possible.

“The results speak for themselves. I don’t think there will be dry offset printed cans anywhere else in Europe of this standard.”

The Inclusive Design award recognises how entrants are supporting the real needs of a changing marketplace to take into consideration the aging population and different levels of physical ability.

It is a new award and to be successful entrants must have understood the abilities of their chosen consumer group and ensure the majority of their consumers can use the package throughout its designed life.

Springfield Solutions Vice Chairman, Steve Forster, said he was delighted the company had won the awards and was particularly pleased with the Inclusive Design triumph.

He said: “The Life Scents can is the end result of some fantastic collaboration work between us, the client and other partners that have been involved with the design and execution of this complex project.

“We are delighted to have won these awards which we feel celebrate the partnership approach that was employed and believe, ultimately, is what has led to it being such a success.”

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