45 Years of Print & Packaging Revolution

Last year we reached a significant milestone, our 45 Year Anniversary. When Albert Dass first started the business back in 1975, who would have thought we’d become what we are today?

A leading global Digital Print, Packaging & Brand Management company. However, Springfield is more than that – we’re a family. We take pride in working together and collaborating daily to provide unique and innovative packaging solutions for our customers across the world.

With 13 team members currently working in the business reaching the 25-year mark with Springfield, it’s safe to say Springfield can be a home for life. We’re a growing family too, with ambitious growth targets for 2021 and beyond.

2020 was supposed to be a year of celebrations with our team. Unfortunately, a ‘minor’ disturbance that continues to be with us stopped us from doing that. Nonetheless, we released a new show called ‘The Sapphire Sessions’ to celebrate this anniversary and showcase how we are looking forward to developing over the next 45 years. Soon, when all of our team are back in the office we will celebrate properly, together!

In order to hear what Springfield means to us, check out the video above. If you are interested in working with an experienced 100% Digital Print, Packaging & Brand Management supplier that can fulfil your needs with speed, contact us here.

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