Behind The Teams with Laura Derbyshire

Behind The Teams

In this month’s edition of our ‘Behind the Teams’ series, we spoke to Laura Derbyshire. Laura is a member of our Brand Management team, working as an Artwork Project Leader.   

We spoke to Laura to find out a little more about her role at Springfield and the work she does on a day-to-day basis! 

Tell us about your role and what it entails! 

I am an Artwork Project Lead in the Brand Management team.  

My role is to work with clients across several global brands to ensure that the packaging, including colours and imagery, appear consistent across their full range of packaging components. 

Walk us through a typical day in your role! 

My day-to-day work involves the following tasks:

  • Receiving briefs from clients
  • Creating quotes for the work involved
  • Booking briefs into the Studio
  • Uploading artworks into client systems
  • Sending approved files direct to the printer

I liaise between our Studio, the client, and the printers to ensure that the artworks are created to the correct print specifications. This is important, as it allows our clients to avoid issues at print, which can be costly if not caught before reaching the press.  

Can you share any specific challenges you face in your role? 

Firstly – we often have to work to tight deadlines!  

We come across issues which goes against a printer’s requirements, or the client may have too much content to fit within the pack size. So, it’s important to manage expectation of what is/is not possible.  

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