Eco-Friendly Wine Packaging: 4 Sustainable Solutions

Eco-Friendly Wine Packaging

Eco-friendly packaging is becoming more commonplace in the wine industry thanks to growing demand from the sustainable customer and a need for climate action.  

As a result, brands are requesting packaging materials made from post-consumer waste, responsibly sourced label materials, as well as reduced label materials and even sustainable finishing solutions. 

All of this contributes to a more sustainable packaging method, and brands must keep up in order to meet the needs of consumers, current and future. Not only this, but brands must also make climate conscious decisions for the future of their brand, as without action – brands will cease to succeed or even exist.  

Now is the perfect time for brands to adapt to eco-friendly packaging. 73% of consumers say they are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging, a number that rises to 83% among younger buyers, which will only increase in future generations. 

The challenge for brands is to answer the question, what impact is my packaging having on the planet? How can it be reduced? And how can brand sustainability be communicated through packaging? 

There are several actions that wine brands can take to make packaging better for the environment, from switching materials to educating their customer on better recycling practices. 

Reducing Packaging 

One way in which brands can reduce their effect on the environment is by reducing the packaging itself! Wine is typically packaged in a glass bottle, which is often a heavy component.  

In fact, the glass bottle accounts for about 40% of the carbon footprint of a bottle of wine. 

Therefore, by reducing the size of the glass bottle, you can reduce the carbon footprint of your product – while also cutting costs!

Eco-Friendly Wine Packaging

One example of this is Garcon Wines, who produce visually striking flat wine bottles made of recycled PET, which is 87% lighter than glass. Its shape is also more convenient to ship, packing tightly into cartons without the need for additional packaging, fitting 91% more product on a shipping pallet. 

Sustainable Labels 

To further increase the sustainability of wine packaging, make the switch to eco-friendly labels! There is now an abundance of options for brands wishing to make their labels eco-friendlier.  

From reducing the material of the label to using post-consumer waste and wash-off adhesive that better facilitates the recycling of the bottle – sustainable labels are a great way to make your packaging better for the environment. 

Want to learn more about eco-friendly label substrates? Click here! 

Eco-friendly Finishing Solution 

Luxury packaging is common in the wine sector, as it communicates to consumers that a product is high-quality. Consumers are often purchasing wine as a treat for themselves or as a gift, making the premiumisation of packaging a perfect fit for wine. 

Eco-Friendly Wine Packaging

Although still in its beta-testing phase, ECOLEAF is an exciting new category of metallisation. ECOLEAF provides a sustainable alternate solution for premium packaging. The technology only uses the precise amount of metal required to create the luxury embellishment, therefore reducing waste.  

To find out more about ECOLEAF, click here. 

Educating Customers on Recycling 

Another way that Wine companies can be more sustainable is to educate customers on how to recycle their products.  

Encouraging sustainable behaviours in your audience is important because this not only showcases your environmental values to the customer, but it also results in behaviours beneficial for the environment! 

There are several ways you can communicate this to your audience. For example, through social campaigns as well as using recyclable symbols on your packaging.

An engaging way that you can communicate this is through interactive packaging. For example, by including a QR code on your label. This leads the user to instructions on how to recycle your packaging and how you are making an effort for the environment, which will create an engaging experience for the customer. This will also likely lead to a positive perception of your brand as one that cares for the environment.  

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To conclude, brands should be looking for ways to improve the sustainability of their packaging to meet demands from consumers. When making your packaging eco-friendlier, consider the methods above! 

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