How to Integrate Sustainability in Your Label Design

You must integrate sustainability into your label design. Sustainable packaging is becoming an expectation from consumers, and it is not just eco-materials that brands must commit to. 

Sustainability in label design is the need to create environmentally responsible packaging, which still fulfils the functions and marketing purposes of the label.  

This includes all elements of the creation of packaging, from design considerations to materials and printing methods. As well as the end-of-life of packaging, which includes the disposal of your packaging by the consumer. 

Overall, the goal is to be transparent and honest with your consumers.   

Design Considerations 

Many consumers are confused when understanding if product packaging is sustainable.  

It is important to use your packaging design to make it clear if your packaging is sustainable, for example if it is recyclable or made of eco-friendly materials. 

Recycling Symbols 

By incorporating recycling symbols and information into your label design, you can help your consumers understand clearly how to dispose of your packaging. 

Sustainability in Label Design

The symbols alone can sometimes still be met with confusion, so it is also good practice to include copy on your packaging for how you are working towards sustainability. For example, highlighting that your packaging is made of a biodegradable material or instructions on how to recycle. 

Eco Design  

Customers want to understand that they are purchasing eco products and eco packaging. This must be done in a simple yet appealing way. For example, by: 

  • Using a colour palette synonymous with sustainability, e.g., natural earth tones 
  • Reducing the size of a label and therefore reducing material use 
  • Sticking to a simple and consistent design that doesn’t shout too much 


Highlight your business’ sustainable practices throughout your branding and marketing efforts. This includes product descriptions and marketing materials. 

Sustainability in Label Design

A consistent message should be used across all products and promotional materials.  


Eco substrates and materials 

When it comes to printing your label, make sustainable choices with your material and substrate selection.  

There is a multitude of options when it comes to eco-friendly materials for packaging. From reducing the amount of packaging to using biodegradable materials. 

Looking for sustainable label options? Head to our Eco Zone! 

Choosing an eco-conscious printer 

Another way to further reinforce the sustainability of your packaging is to choose a label printer dedicated to climate action. 

Sustainability is a collective effort of manufacturers, brands and consumers all taking action. Therefore, it is important to choose a supplier with net zero targets and eco-initiatives that match your own intentions. 

Want to know more about our journey to Net Zero? Click here. 

Education and Engagement 

As mentioned previously, sustainability is a collective effort. That is why as a brand, you must work to educate and engage your consumers on climate action and environmentally responsible behaviours. 

Sustainability in Label Design

If you are already selling an eco-product, it is likely that your customers have the same values as you. However, it is still good practice to encourage your audience to dispose of your product correctly through recycling, or even give ideas on how to reuse your packaging if applicable. 

To conclude, sustainability in label design is incredibly important. It is essential that you communicate your eco-values through packaging and label design. This will be incredibly beneficial in attracting consumers with the same passion for sustainability as you, as well as taking action for the environment. 

Are you looking to prioritise sustainability in your packaging and label design? Get in touch today to start your eco-packaging journey. 

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