Introducing our Climate Champions!

Climate champions

At Springfield Solutions, we are on our journey towards becoming a Carbon Net-Zero business. 

To support this, we now have a team of ‘Climate Champions’!  

This team is made up of volunteers from each area of the business who are each exploring new ways to reduce our carbon output, improve our energy efficiency and calculate the all-important carbon data!   

Climate Champions

Our climate champions are Lauryn Hall, Jack Milson, Julie Fields, Chris Durham, Ian Horne, Jodie Robson, Astryd McCann, Ben Nicolson and Ryszard Ryske.

This increased staff involvement in our Carbon Net Zero goals allows us to bring the team together to improve our understanding of what it takes to become ‘Net Zero’ as a business and as individuals.  

Each representing their department, our Climate Champions have submitted project ideas to help us on our journey to Net Zero including:  

  • Rainwater harvesting  
  • Roof garden  
  • Cycle to work scheme  
  • Ground source heat pump  
  • Wind power  
  • Electric vehicle salary sacrifice  
  • Installation of timed auto-sensing lighting in further areas  
  • Smart thermostats 

Check out the video below to find out more and see some clips of our first Climate Champion meeting! 

Keep your eye out for upcoming interviews with our Climate Champions in the coming months.

To find out more about our journey to Net Zero, click here.  

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