National Award Nomination: The Solutions Awards

We are delighted to announce that SASO® has been shortlisted by The Solutions Awards for Best Solution for Labels and Decoration. 

This is a tremendous achievement for SASO®, and it shows the level of solution that SASO® is currently providing to the industry. SASO® is a revolutionary innovation, and our customers are experiencing the tremendous benefits of this. We will get onto this shortly. First, please see a link to vote for Springfield here:

Category: Best Solution for Labels and Decoration


What is SASO®?

SASO® is a full digital label solution that provides full height, 360° coverage of aerosol and other cylindrical containers. SASO® also seamlessly moulds around the top and bottom of the cans where they taper in. 

The solution is available in a range of different sizes, meaning SASO® hands control from the printer back to the manufacturer: 

  • SASO® means no MOQ.
  • SASO® means no excess stock sat in the warehouse.
  • SASO® means bringing ideas to life with incredible speed.
  • SASO® means significantly reduced lead times.
  • SASO® means full height decoration on your can.
  • SASO® means an easier life for you and your team.

Success Story

Our customers are currently experiencing tremendous success with using SASO®. In this video below, Paul Butcher, MD Aztec Aerosols explains how SASO® has provided them with a solution they are looking for. Find out more from the company that now has lead times on labels delivered within a week. Aztec is also running its SASO® line at capacity. 

Every Vote Counts! 

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Thank you very much, and hopefully, we will see you in the final! 

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