Our New Website is Live!

New Website

We are excited to announce the launch of our brand new website! Making it easier than ever to learn about our services, discover insider knowledge and even request a quote for your newest packaging project. 

Our previous website was looking a little outdated, and was due a refresh. The brand new Springfield Solutions website, created by Eon Visual Media, allows us to better represent the mission and vision of our business, which is to be the world leader in the supply of innovative, sustainable digital packaging assets. 

It was definitely time for an upgrade to match the vision and the mission that has been set out by Matt” says Farouk Forster, Marketing Manager. 

The inspiration behind the new website came from exemplary industry-leading websites in varying markets such as Apple, New York Times, and Gucci, of which make use of interactive elements such as parallax pages and on-page animations. 

By utilising the new slick, flowing user interface of our new homepage for example, we can effectively communicate our brand message, stories, and service information to our website users. 

The homepage was a big one for us, and we believe with this combination of an animation and graphics at the top of the page and as you scroll down the moving elements with the parallax. We believe that’s going to be a big differentiator in helping us stand out.” says Farouk Forster. 

By showcasing our services and knowledge in this new, more visually appealing way, we are able to continue to push our innovative services globally to customers both new and existing. Resulting in a digital, and more sustainable future of packaging. 

Over the last couple of years we’ve seen quite a dramatic increase in the number of enquiries we get through our website. But what we recognised last year was maybe the quality of some of those leads wasn’t really aligned with who we are as a business and what we do as a business, and I think what we have seen with the redesign and redevelopment of the website is we’re really starting to see the benefits of that with the types of enquiries we are getting now – they’re a lot more aligned with who we are as a business.” says Matt Dass, Joint Managing Director. 

So, while you are here, why not take a look around! Check out our Innovation page to learn more about our digital packaging services, and delve into our valuable industry knowledge on our Insights page.  

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