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When it comes to colour matching, Springfield Solutions has it all sewn up. That’s because no matter what colour you need recreating, we can do it. And from any standard – Pantone, BS and RAL.

This is great news for paint companies because lurking in the back of every paint manufacturer’s mind is the nightmare scenario. Imagine the scene … a family are decorating their house. They’ve spent weeks agonising over which hues will bring their homely vision to life. Now, with dust sheets sprawled and step ladders erect, they prise off the lid of their first tin of paint only to find … yes, you’ve guessed it, the colour of paint looks nothing like the swatch or colour card.

One thing is for certain, they won’t be buying your brand again.

But with Springfield Solutions, however, there is a better way.

Our colour management team can create on-label swatches and colour cards that are almost indistinguishable from the shade of paint in your tins, meaning your customers can be confident what they see is what they will get.

Don’t believe us? Click here to order your Free Digital Colour Card and see for yourself!

Our digital print experts can then print exactly the number of labels or colour cards you need, to standards superior to traditional Litho or Flexo print, without excessive press set-up times, minimum order quantities or wastage of stock and money.

The process starts when paint clients send us samples of the new colours they have created. These are handed to our colour management team who run all manner of tests and analytical processes to see exactly what the colours are made up of.

Once we’ve discovered that, we recreate those colours as closely as we can and test them under a variety of different lighting conditions. These recreate natural day light, standard artificial light and different kinds of in-store lighting, to make sure our matched colours remain as close to the real thing as we can get in every environment. Only when they have passed this test are they given the thumbs up for use on label swatches and colour cards.

After decades of experience in colour matching, we have it down to a fine art. But just saying it isn’t enough, we want to prove it.

Complete the form below to get your FREE, digitally printed, colour card, which includes a range of Pantone, BS and RAL colours and see for yourself that with Springfield Solutions, There is a better way!


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