Unveiling the Top Packaging Trends That Will Shape 2024

Packaging Trends

As we stand on the cusp of 2024, the world of packaging is undergoing a remarkable transformation. The next chapter promises to be a thrilling blend of innovation, sustainability, and aesthetics. Reshaping the way consumers perceive and interact with products.  

In this insights piece, we will unveil the top packaging trends that will undoubtedly leave a mark on the industry in 2024. 

Picture a world where packaging goes beyond mere functionality, where it becomes a canvas for creativity, a symbol of sustainability, and a conduit for technological marvels. The coming year is poised to introduce groundbreaking concepts that challenge conventional norms and elevate packaging to new heights. 

Read on to explore the realms of eco-friendly solutions, high-tech integrations, and visually stunning designs that will define the packaging landscape in 2024. From the continuing rise of sustainable materials to the infusion of digital intelligence. 


In 2024, we can expect to see a surge in sustainability. 

The demand for sustainability is not slowing down, and with costs improving on materials, it will become more commonplace for sustainable substrates to be offered as standard.  

Eco-Friendly Packaging

At Springfield, we expect to see more eco-friendly packaging options being offered to customers and end-users in order to reduce the environmental impact of packaging. 


When it comes to automation, AI has definitely been the buzzword of 2023.  

In 2024, automation and artificial intelligence (AI) will continue to play a pivotal role in shaping the packaging industry. These technologies offer innovative solutions that enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and improve overall operations. 

We will continue to see advancements in this technology and applications within the packaging industry such as automated workflows, machine learning for maintenance of machinery, artwork creation and moving towards more automated machinery.  


We are about to see a further push on smart technology within packaging. From the easily executed QR codes to the more advanced ‘metaverse’ applications – packaging does not solely exist in the physical world! 

Brands will leverage smart packaging solutions to connect to the consumer, integrating technologies such as RFID and NFC to offer unique experiences.  

Implementing interactivity and smart technology in packaging also opens doors for improved accessibility. For example, we have seen an influx in the use of NaviLens, a technology which provides equal access to important information on packaging and enables blind and partially sighted people to have a better shopping experience.  


Consumers enjoy a personalised experience. It helps them connect to a brand and feel like a valued customer. Think of Spotify Wrapped, and how the streaming giant utilise customer data, and turn it into a momentous yearly occasion that makes their audience feel seen and part of a community.  

This form of hyper-personalised marketing can also materialise through packaging, especially with e-commerce purchases. For example, using digital printing and variable data, brands can create unique packaging for their customers with ease. Personalising labels, boxes and more using customer data! 

This exclusivity will create excitement in audiences and drive sales for brands.  

To conclude, in 2024, industry leaders will pave the way for a future that is driven by digital print with exceptional precision, speed, and automation.   

The landscape of packaging in 2024 promises an exciting blend of innovation, sustainability, and consumer-centric design. It is clear that the packaging industry is undergoing a transformative evolution, driven by the ever-changing needs and expectations of consumers from sustainability to engaging and personalised experiences. 

To ensure success with your packaging in 2024, embrace the packaging trends for 2024 with the likes of eco-friendly materials, smart packaging solutions, and engaging customisation.  

To create packaging that speaks directly to your consumers, get in touch and explore the places digital label printing can take your brand in 2024 and beyond! 

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