Springfield Installs UK First Laser Finishing Machine

Springfield Solutions has installed a SabreXtreme laser label cutting system. The installation, which was the first of its kind in the UK, marks the final stage of a long conversion from traditional to digital printing methods. This transition has seen Springfield invest £750,000 in new digital presses, the laser finishing machine and a sophisticated management information system. 

The SabreXtreme laser technology removes the need for conventional die-cutting tools, and the costs associated with production and storage. The network or MIS connection enables a company’s creative department to directly load an entire library of label cutting patterns to process. 

Springfield Operations Director Dennis Ebeltoft said: 

“The new digital set-up enables us to offer a much quicker, more flexible and efficient service and makes management easier in terms of stock levels and financial exposure. It was a big decision to go all digital, but technology waits for no one and we realised we could offer a more efficient and effective service by moving away from analogue. We turned off the last of our analogue printers last year, and as a result we are now one of the largest, 100% digital printers in the UK. The laser system was the last link in the chain.”

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