The Role of VR in Reshaping Packaging & Consumer Experience

The world is abuzz with excitement following Apple’s latest keynote and the announcement of their newest product, the Vision Pro. 

The keynote focussed on a blending of virtual and digital. Using the virtual reality headset as a way to improve our work lives as well as how we experience entertainment. 

Will this change how we live? Change how we work?  

At Springfield Solutions, we believe that this blending of reality with virtual technology will evolve how we work, how we communicate with our customers and ultimately, change how consumers connect with brands. 

The immersive nature of VR opens up numerous possibilities for enhancing productivity, collaboration, and creativity. 

Firstly, let’s get into how it will change the way we work. 

Virtual Work Environment 

A strong focus from Apple’s keynote when launching the Vision Pro was how users can work within the virtual environment. 

VR in Reshaping Packaging & Consumer Experience

This includes having multiple ‘tabs’ open such as Teams, Safari and Illustrator, to view the projects you are working on and catch up with your team all around you. 

This will bring collaboration on projects to a new level. With less ‘can you see my screen?’ and ‘you’re on mute’ and more integration of work projects and colleagues into your environment. Be that working from home or from an office space.  

Virtual Training 

Another element of VR which may improve the way we work is with training.  

VR in Reshaping Packaging & Consumer Experience

VR has the potential to revolutionise training programs by offering realistic and interactive simulations. Employees could practice and refine their skills in a safe and controlled virtual environment. 

Collaborating with Clients 

VR in Reshaping Packaging & Consumer Experience

Another feature shown in the Keynote was 3D assets shown within your environment through the VR headset. Files can be dragged straight from a message onto your desk – enabling you to have a 360-degree view of the asset. 

This will be incredibly useful when it comes to packaging. 

Enabling clients to view digital 3D mock-ups in great detail. Not only can you view the packaging virtually, but you can pick it up, enlarge it and get a full view to ensure that you are happy with how your packaging looks before going to market.  

This will enable clients to better identify design flaws, due to being able to visualise the packaging realistically in 3D.  

Consumer and Brand Relationship 

In addition to transforming the workplace, the future of VR could also revolutionise the way consumers interact with brands and reshape the shopping experience. 

Virtual Shopping 

VR could offer a fully immersive virtual shopping experience. Consumers could browse and explore virtual stores, interact with products in 3D, and make purchases without leaving their homes.  

This would bring convenience, personalised recommendations, and an engaging shopping experience to customers. 

However, this would also open up a new challenge for designers when it comes to designing packaging for the virtual world.  

Product Customisation  

Brands could leverage VR technology to enable customers to customise products in real-time. For example, by interacting with virtual models and making adjustments according to their preferences. 

Digital Label Printing

When used in conjunction with digital print and variable data, customers could then also receive their personalised product delivered to their home for a fully immersed, customised experience.  

These are just a few examples of how the integrating of reality and virtual technology could change the way we work; improve how we communicate with clients and transform the way consumers interact with brands.  

VR stands to offer a more engaging, personalised, and immersive experience in many aspects of our lives.  

By leveraging the capabilities of virtual reality, brands can create innovative and memorable interactions with their customers, ultimately strengthening brand loyalty and driving sales. 

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