What Is Interactive Packaging?


Interactive Packaging is a window to a whole new world of consumer engagement. It allows a consumer to develop a deeper, more rewarding relationship with a brand through their higher level of interaction with a product. This could be through scanning a QR code or encountering an Augmented Reality experience. 

Interactive Packaging provides many benefits for a brand. It enables a product label and packaging design to give much more information and value to a customer as opposed to simply surface-level information about a brand. This added level of connectivity is a creative way to engage a consumer, develop a strong relationship and create memorable brand experiences through digital communication.

QR Codes

One example of Interactive Packaging is QR codes. A QR Code (shortened from Quick Response code) is a form of barcode which typically directs users to a web page or app containing further product information. For example, how to use a product or the ingredients inside.

Interactive packaging
Scan the QR code above to be directed to our homepage.

This form of smart packaging technology places a scannable code onto the label of a product, which will then be read by the camera app or designated QR code reader on a consumer’s mobile phone. This will in turn lead them to a valuable piece of information about the brand or product such as a web page or present them with an exclusive offer/competition. QR Code Packaging creates many benefits for both the brand and consumer.

Augmented Reality

Another example of Interactive Packaging is Augmented Reality. Augmented Reality, or AR, is an engaging semi-virtual experience within the real-world environment, where product experience can be enhanced using 2D or 3D digital assets. 

Interactive packaging
Source - 19 Crimes

AR blends digital information with real-life objects to create an immersive experience for the consumer. Similar to a QR code, Augmented Reality Packaging involves scanning the product with an app. However, this form of Interactive Smart Packaging can be ‘hidden’ within the design elements of the product packaging itself. This technology utilises visual content alongside image recognition to tell a story and bring your packaging to life through technology and design!

The Benefits of Interactive Packaging

Interactive packaging enables unlimited opportunities for a brand to engage with their consumer through their packaging and labels. Consumers can learn a wider breadth of information about the product or brand, and even gain exclusive access to offers or competitions simply by scanning a label. By providing this added value to a consumer through packaging and interactive labels, a stronger relationship is built, and brand loyalty will undoubtedly increase. 

If you would like to learn how to engage your consumer with Interactive Packaging, get in touch!

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