Self-Adhesive Labels

Decoration quality has never played such an important role in product choice as it does today.

We are experts in producing Self-Adhesive labels. Enabling a smooth application process for our clients using either a labelling machine or manual application.

Digitally printing across multiple substrates, incredible results are achieved at a maximum 5-day lead time to ensure that your product gets to the consumer on time. Our self-adhesive labels reduce working capital requirements, eliminate inventory obsolescence, allow experimental range extensions and promotional activity without the prohibitive set-up expense of conventional print.

Self-Adhesive Labels


DIGICAN® is a digital can packaging solution that features a high-quality, full-coverage digital label which is first applied to the flat tinplate blank, and then seamed into the top and bottom of the can.

The DIGICAN® label bleeds into the seams giving the appearance of a fully printed can. This enables you to showcase your packaging design to its full potential as well as experiencing the flexibility of both short and long run orders.

Peel & Reveal

Peel & Reveal

REVEALABEL® is our Peel and Reveal label solution. Also known as extended content labels, REVEALABEL® provides a digital solution for when you are running out of space on your label.

By adding an extra layer, you can include additional languages, regulations and ingredients to your label. REVEALABEL® can be peeled off in any direction, allowing you to display more information on your packaging than with a standard self-adhesive label.

REVEALABEL® has a variable position adhesive join to ensure that it remains tightly fastened to the product. Also, the peel away corner of the label can be positioned anywhere, so it won’t interfere with the information being displayed.



SASO® is our self-adhesive shrink-on label solution with zero MOQs and maximum label coverage. SASO® provides full height can decoration, giving the effect of a printed can without the long lead times, high MOQs and high costs. SASO® moulds perfectly around the top and bottom of a can, creating a full coverage label. This removes the unattractive gaps that are typically seen above and below a can label. Achieving the look of a printed can, without the warehousing needs and extensive costs.

Digital Embellishments

Digital embellishments will give you an elevated sense of competition in crowded markets and allow you to make an immediate impact on sales by adding a touch of luxury to your packaging.

Digital Foiling

Digital foiling enables you to add gold and silver accents to your packaging. The foil is applied to your labels digitally, meaning you can get the luxury look in a more affordable, faster way.

Digital Spot Varnishing

Spot varnishing allows you to add textured effects to your product packaging. These gloss and matt finishes digitally add specially printed effects to your labels which appeal to your customers tactile senses.

Embossing & Debossing

Digitally embossed and debossed labels add 3D accents to your product packaging, creating a unique effect which will stand out on a shelf. The raised surfaces will differentiate your packaging and create so much more than a standard product label.

Touchy, Feely, Tactile Finishes

Textured varnishes and specially printed effects provide an enhanced feel to your packaging.

Interactive Labels

Interactive packaging and labels aim to engage the consumer with your brand by connecting packaging to your online content. By linking your labels to your online marketing, you will create unique interactions that inform and excite your target audience.

This is made possible through rapidly developing technology. Consumers want to interact with a brand through their own smart devices. Which is made possible by scanning a QR code or using Augmented Reality. This technology allows you to provide valuable information to your consumer, allowing them to learn about your product and brand!

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