Ultimate Guide to Marketing Your Pet Care Product to Your Audience

How to market your pet product

The Pet Care market is continuing to see growth as luxury pet products increase in popularity and pet ownership levels continue to rise. When navigating this industry, it is important to understand your consumers so you can best market your brand and product. 

Your marketing efforts must be targeted and tailored to your audience. To do this, you must first understand their needs.

What are their priorities when purchasing a product for their pet? Is it convenience, sustainability, quality, or something else? 

Once you can identify your target audience and their needs, this will influence your marketing across all channels. 

Why is it so important to understand your consumer? 

Research shows that almost 90% of consumers will check out a company before committing to a purchase, and, since information is very accessible online, they can gain an idea of your company’s values within seconds.  

Therefore, it is important to market your brand and product efficiently so that consumers can understand your values and align themselves with your brand straight away. 

In this article, we will discuss the essential elements to consider when marketing your product, ensuring you make a good first impression! 

How to Make a Good First Impression with Your Product Packaging

Packaging Design 

The purpose of packaging is not just to hold your product, it is also your most important marketing tool. Product packaging is your primary selling tool, used to grasp consumer attention and define your brand. 

Packaging is typically the first touchpoint with your brand that a consumer will encounter. Therefore, it is essential to make this experience memorable by creating eye-catching packaging design that sets you apart from the competition. 

Pet owners are typically loyal to the brands that they purchase. So, you must create packaging that grabs their attention. By showcasing your unique selling points through packaging, you can influence purchase decisions and win new customers. 

Pet Packaging

For example, the brand Scrumbles as seen above clearly market their product as a pet food product which prioritises the health of cats and dogs. Using their strapline ‘Good Inside Out’ along with cute illustrations shows pet owners the brand’s values from the first touchpoint. 

Adding a Personal Touch 

Pets are now becoming more ‘humanised’, which means that pet owners are taking their pet’s health and wellbeing more seriously. This also means that consumers are spending more on their furry friends.  

During the pandemic, pets served as a form of comfort and companionship, hence the increase in pet ownership during this time. As of 2023, 57% (16.2 Million) of UK’s Households own a pet. Not only this, but expenditure on pets also increased during this time, with 21% of pet owners claiming to have spent either a little or a lot more on their pets during the pandemic. 

Pet owners are looking for unique and innovative products when they are shopping for their pet. Novelties such as personalised packaging can generate interest in your product and therefore boost sales. Allowing your customers to connect to their pets by gifting them unique personalised products. 

High-Quality Packshots 

When marketing your product for ecommerce sites and online channels, make sure you utilise high-quality product photography and 3D packshots.  

In doing this, you ensure that your product is showcased professionally online, impressing your target audience and enticing them to purchase your aesthetically pleasing product! 

When photographing your product range, ensure that you maintain a consistent style of image by setting up a designated space that is well lit and not overcrowded with props – unless they’re cute pets! 

Market Your Pet Product

3D packshots create a digital prototype of your product across many substrates and components to visualise your product on-screen. 3D packshots are also a great way to test your packaging designs before going to print and manufacturing. 

Enhancing the Unboxing Experience 

The after-sales or unboxing experience is also a prime opportunity to go all out on marketing, especially when your customer has placed their order online, making this their first in-person experience of your brand! 

When your customer receives your product, you want them (and their pets!) to be excited to open their parcel, as if it is a gift.  

Market Your Pet Product

If their parcel arrives in a plain cardboard box with nothing but the product inside, your consumer will not be as excited. However, if a branded box arrives containing branded inner packaging, sample offers and a thank you note – your customer is much more likely to remember this experience when making their next purchase. 

Implementing Interactive Packaging 

Adding interactivity to your pet product packaging is a great way to connect to consumers and market your product online.  

By adding QR codes and taking advantage of Augmented Reality technology, you place your brand above the competition. This is because your consumers will be able to connect to your brand more, plus your brand will be seen as an innovative market leader. 

Interactive packaging provides the opportunity to educate your consumer on your product and brand, for example, the benefits of a pet food product or how to use a pet grooming product.   

Switching to Sustainable Packaging 

Using sustainable packaging materials is an easy way to communicate the values of your brand through your packaging. Consumers can clearly see that your brand understands the importance of reducing the impact on the environment and aligning these values with their own. 

Nearly 75% of consumers say they are willing to switch brands to get more sustainable packaging. However, many find sustainability information on pet care products to be confusing.  

When creating your packaging design for your pet care product, consider how you will include recyclability information in a way that is easy to understand. 

To conclude, it is imperative to put your customers, both current and potential first when marketing your pet product to ensure that your product appeals to them and drives them to purchase. 


1. How do pet care brands balance the need for visually appealing packaging design with the practical considerations of sustainability, especially when using materials that are both eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing?

Balancing visually appealing packaging design with sustainability considerations is crucial for pet care brands. While consumers are increasingly drawn to eco-friendly packaging, it’s essential to ensure that sustainable materials are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Brands may achieve this balance by using recycled or biodegradable materials and incorporating clear messaging about recyclability on their packaging.

2. Are there any emerging trends or technologies in the pet care packaging industry that brands should be aware of, such as advancements in augmented reality or innovative sustainable packaging materials?

Emerging trends and technologies in the pet care packaging industry can significantly impact brand success. For example, advancements in augmented reality (AR) technology allow brands to create interactive packaging experiences that engage consumers and differentiate their products. Additionally, innovations in sustainable packaging materials continue to evolve, offering brands new opportunities to align with consumer preferences for eco-friendly products.

3. How do pet care brands ensure that their packaging designs effectively communicate key product information, such as ingredients, benefits, and usage instructions, while still maintaining visual appeal and brand identity?

Pet care brands face the challenge of balancing the need to convey essential product information with maintaining visually appealing packaging designs that reflect their brand identity.

To achieve this, brands often employ strategic design elements such as clear and concise labelling, prominent placement of key information, and visually engaging graphics or imagery. Utilising innovative packaging formats, such as multi-page labels, can provide additional space for detailed product information without cluttering the packaging design.

Collaborating with graphic designers and packaging experts can help brands create visually appealing designs that effectively communicate key information, ensuring that consumers can make informed purchasing decisions while still being drawn to the product’s aesthetic appeal. Additionally, conducting consumer testing and gathering feedback can help brands refine their packaging designs to ensure they resonate with their target audience while meeting their informational needs.

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