Two Digital Labels & Packaging Award Nominations!

Digital labels and packaging awards

We are extremely proud to announce that we have been nominated for two awards at the Digital Labels & Packaging Awards 2023! 

The nominations are for Excellence in Finishing and Embellishment for our work with A-Chem on the Timbashield labels and Environmental Company of the Year. 

It is incredible to not only be recognised for our achievements in luxury digital embellishment, but also our dedicated action for the environment.  

Excellence in Finishing and Embellishment 

This award nomination was granted for our work with A-Chem to print labels for the relaunch of their brand, Timbashield, using premium digital label embellishments. 

We have worked with A-Chem for approximately two years on this project. Working alongside their team to achieve a premium packaging solution for their high-quality wood protection and paint products. 

The labels feature digitally printed spot varnishes that create a unique wood texture, matching the product and enticing consumers. 

The silver PP also greatly enhances the packaging, creating a stunning metallic effect. 

“It was a pleasure to work with such an open-minded customer. The team at A-Chem allowed us to show the true values of our digital embellishment. Creating a true look and pickup label.  

This award-nominated label created with Timbashield was born from ideas from both the customer and internally. Creating many options that look good as well as affordable production options.” says Steve Nix, Print Operations Manager. 

Environmental Company of the Year 

We are incredibly pleased to have been nominated for the Environmental Company of the Year award. For those who may not be aware, action towards the environment is something we are passionate about here at Springfield. 

Our journey to Net Zero includes providing our customers with eco-friendly packaging solutions, purchasing our electricity from 100% renewable sources, engaging our staff in eco-behaviours, and reducing our carbon emissions.  

“As one of our Climate Champions here at Springfield – as well as being someone who is passionate about this subject –I was super happy to find out we have been nominated for the Environmental Company of the Year award. I can only hope that this category continues to grow in the industry as more businesses prioritise the environment.” Lauryn Hall, SEO & Copywriting Executive. 

To learn more about our Net Zero journey, click here. 

Thank you to Digital Labels & Packaging for the nominations, and all our staff for your continuous hard work. Wish us luck for the events ceremony on the 29th June!   

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