5 Essential Functions of Product Packaging & Why They Matter

Product Packaging

Product Packaging not only houses your product – but it also is an essential marketing tool.  

Of course, without packaging your product would likely become damaged or be completely unusable. However, at the same time, without packaging, customers will also not know how to use your product or be enticed to purchase it in the first place. 

In this blog, we will set out the 5 essential functions of packaging, from the obvious to the not-so. 


Firstly, the initial function of your packaging is to protect the product from damage. Be that during storage, transport, or handling.  

This can greatly influence the type of packaging you choose, as well as the material. This also brings in regulation especially for example in food packaging. 

Inadequate packaging can lead to product damage and loss of product – which goes without saying would have a negative impact on your business. 


Your packaging choices help you provide convenience to your customers!  

Product Packaging

For example, by improving storage effectiveness, maximising space, and reducing waste. This may be achieved using reusable packaging, easy-open packaging, or travel-size options. 

This can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty as you provide convenience to their life. 


Product packaging provides key information about your product to the consumer. This includes: 

  • Brand and product name 
  • Ingredients 
  • Nutrition 
  • Instructions on how to use product 

Product packaging

Not only does your packaging contain information that is key for the customer, but it also helps you to follow industry regulations! For example, warning labels, company information and recycling details. 


An essential function of labelling and packaging is to promote the product! Your packaging is a marketing tool used to attract customers and build brand recognition. 

Your packaging design has the power to draw customers to your product. Therefore, influencing their purchasing decisions and developing their perception of your brand. 

One example of how effective packaging design can increase product sales and brand recognition can be seen below.

Recyclable Packaging

Dr. Will’s – the sauce brand with a passion for health. Dr Will’s labels clearly show that their product is luxury, enticing customers with bright colours and embellishments. The copy used also communicates their brand values of health by including the word ‘natural’ on their packaging.  


Another essential function of packaging is sustainability. Eco-friendly packaging is a consideration of many consumers, and this is only growing. 

You should aim to reduce your environmental effects by choosing materials that are sustainable as well as reduce waste.  

When choosing your packaging for your product, consider its environmental impact and convey your sustainability values through packaging. 

To conclude, your packaging is extremely important from holding your product to helping you increase sales! Make sure to prioritise high-quality, sustainable sources for your packaging as well as pay extra attention to your design and copy!  

Are you looking for a sustainable label solution for your packaging? Check out our range of eco material options! 

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