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Automotive Packaging & Labels

With an increasing demand for innovative packaging comes a requirement to develop packaging that allows you to communicate with your consumers in ways you previously could only imagine.

Having provided comprehensive and innovative brand management solutions for the automotive industry for over 15 years, we continue to push the boundaries with innovative solutions for this industry. Not only that, we have done so for some of the biggest automotive and car care companies in the UK. One of our latest innovations - SASO® - provides automotive companies who sell aerosol products an opportunity to be on the cutting edge of packaging innovations.

Automotive Smart Labels

We also understand that innovation isn’t just restricted to physical packaging. That is why we are constantly providing market-leading solutions to your industry, including:

• Interactive Packaging (Smart Picture)
• Augmented Reality Packaging

Being able to provide added value to the consumer through these innovative solutions will keep you streets ahead of your competition.

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Case Study - Fueltone

A leader in formulation and supply of fuel additives and engine treatment, Fueltone took advantage of our latest label innovation - SASO®.

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