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Food & Drink Packaging and Labels

The food and drink industry is an incredibly competitive market. Creating appealing packaging in both design and quality is essential to tackle the wide competition. The utilisation of digital processes including interactive labels and label embellishments for food labels and drink labels ensure that your product packaging will make an impact on shelf and online.

We are BRC AA-rated for non-direct contact packaging and as such all our labels comply with the most up-to-date standards.

Food & Drink Packaging Mock-ups

Our packaging mock-up service allows brands to visualise how their product will look before going to full production. Resulting in a cost-effective, efficient solution for any food and drink brand looking to test new packaging designs or products!

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Food and Drink Packaging Mock-ups
Dr. Will's sauces

Food & Drink Digital Embellishments

Our digital label embellishments provide a luxury touch that gives your Food & Drink packaging a point of critical difference from your competitors. These embellishments include:

  • Foil blocking
  • Spot varnishes
  • Embossing / Debossing
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Dr Wills

Case studies

Discover a little more about how we’ve helped clients in this sector.

Dr. Will’s
Dr. Will’s previously used flexo printing for embellishments, having never found a better way until they found Springfield! Our digital solution for luxury packaging allows Dr. Will’s to add gold foil and spot varnishes to their sauce packaging.
Swizzels Matlow
We created prototype packaging mock-ups for Swizzels to showcase their new products to their customers. Creating mock-ups of both bags and individual bars using our Mock>It service allowed Swizzels to present exiting new products to test.
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